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Cialis Super Active

Cialis Super Active with its active substance which is TADALAFIL is known to be innovative and chemically optimized medicine indicated for erectile disease successful treatment. Specially activated formula gives to Cialis Super Active the shortest possible start-time and definitely increased action time together with guaranteed effectiveness.


Erectile dysfunction (also called impotence) can be caused by the number of different reasons – starting from physical factors to those connected to psychological conditions. Nevertheless, it was proven that great number of these reasons can be treated in comparatively simple ways.

In the most cases all you have to do is to take one capsule to get the super result. That will be enough for getting bright sexual feelings back to your life.

Its essential that Cialis Super Active can effectively treat erectile dysfunction even in elderly men with bright successful results. Moreover, due to its ability to improve hormone levels and sexual abilities, this medicine can with success be use by any person disregard the age willing to enjoy more active sexual behavior and improved abilities. It is not obligatory to suffer from ED for being sexually successful with Cialis Super Active.

And remember that Cialis Super Active is indifferent to any interactions with food or drinks even in the case of alcohol. It works for you in any situation giving the unique stamina for extra pleasure for both you and your partner.

Something to Know before Use

There are some medicines potentially interacting with Cialis Super Active. You are not advised to take the medicine if you were prescribed with some nitrates (nitroglycerin or others) or those drugs called "donors of nitric oxide". Due to possible serious interaction results it is not also recommended to take Cialis Super Active together with so-called "poppers", the medicines containing nitrates.

One more recommendation is to avoid taking this medicine in the case you are prescribed some alpha-blockers (it can be alfazolin, prazozin or other same drugs).

In the case you take other medicines influencing erection, not only Cialis Super Active, or some antifungal drugs (on basis of itraconazole or ketoconazole) as well as definite anti-infective medicines (that is macrolides like clarithromycin) and drugs influencing blood pressure, you would rather be additionally attentive to your feelings consulting your doctor if something seems to be unusual in your condition.

It is recommended not to start and to stop any drugs taken before asking your doctor or chemist for some advice.

Be sure you informed your doctor about any problems with penis different from erectile dysfunction (episodes of painful or extremely long erections; heart dysfunction of any kind; kidney disorders; extraordinary bleedings as well as anemia or leukemia; stomach ulcers even cured; myeloma; eye problems (with additional attention to retina disorders); allergic conditions or marked high blood pressure.

You are not recommended to use it suffering from heart attacks, having stroke in your history, being diagnosed with low blood pressure or serious liver disorders. Do not use the medicine in the case your doctor recommended you to avoid sexual activity because of any reasons.


Medicines treating erectile dysfunction are predominantly produced as traditional pills to be taken orally. The unique difference of Cialis Super

Active is its being Gelatine capsule with increase absorption abilities and thus with improved efficacy.

In addition to its increased effectiveness, Cialis Super Active differs with improved vessels dilating action. It makes the vessels definitely wider to help blood flow through them easier.

One more Cialis Super Active remarkable advantage is that of more prominent effect to releasing nitric oxide thus influencing cGMP (abbreviation for cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate) levels. This mechanism allows improving penis cavernosa relaxation thus leading to prolonged erections of better quality.

You can take Cialis Super Active with or without food. It can be stored in room temperature taken away from excessive heat or moisture, as well as light. It is not advised to store the medicine in wet places like bathroom. Be sure your medicines are not reachable by children or pets.


You are not advised to take the medicine in the cases of any known allergic reactions to any of its ingredients. It was reported about some rare cases of dizziness or changes in vision function. You`d better not drive, work with complicated machinery or do something the like till you were not sure on how you were reacting on this medicine. Be especially attentive if you are taking this medicine together with other drugs or with some alcohol drinks.

Try not to stand up rapidly to avoid dizziness or being sick. If taking alcohol together with your medicine you are advised to be aware of such side effects as dizziness or possible headache. You are advised better not to use excessive number of alcohol drinks when treating erectile dysfunction.

In the case you are going to exceed the dose above recommended figures, do not make it without asking you doctor. The dose recommended for you is connected to your health conditions, response peculiarities and the medicines you are prescribed besides.

Patients suffering from heart problems are undergoing the excessive strain when having sex. In the case some heart disorders occur during the sex, it is strongly recommended to stop any sexual activity and to consult the doctor immediately to avoid dangerous complications. There are such conditions as bad dizziness, painful feeling in the chest as well as nausea among these symptoms.

For elderly the addition attention should be paid to side effects because of the increased sensitivity to medicine ingredients. Children and women are not recommended to use this medicine.

Side Effects

Among the most frequent side effects connected to this medicine there are such symptoms as headache, stomach disorders with nausea or vomiting, nasal breath difficulty, pain in back or in muscles, some vision abnormalities (like missing differences between some blue and green tones). In the case these symptoms are severe or boring you would rather consult your doctor.

If erection lasts extremely long that is more than 4 hours and (or) is painful – stop immediately to use your medicine and apply for urgent medical help to avoid complications.

Apply for the medical help also in the case of severe allergic reactions with rash elements, boring itching, swelling symptoms, prolonged dizziness and (or) breathing disorders.


In the case of take excessive medicine dose by mistake or for any other reason contact emergency doctor immediately especially if you are feeling the symptoms like pain in back or muscles as well as vision disorders.

Additional Notes

In the case of unusual or strange feelings you would better consult your physician.

You are not recommended to share you medicines with somebody else without his/her doctor prescription. Other people may have some problems interfering with the medicine.

Keep the medicine in the places where children or pet cannot reach it.

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